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The Vision

The diversity of America is a beautiful thing, yet chronic racial division corrupts our narrative. We see the impact every day, whether it’s on the news, on social media, or in our own lives. How do we remedy the scars of our past and crimes of our present? There is no simple answer, because human beings are not so simple.

We’ve all heard the term “racial profiling,” and the pernicious injustice attached to this term surfaces time and time again. We believe that to understand issues of race, we need to survey the intricate workings of individual lives. Stories are important, and we realized that we can’t holistically appreciate someone’s struggles if we don’t listen to his or her story. In Profiling Race, we seek to turn the tables on racial profiling, and do justice to the narratives that speak to the trajectory of this country.

To recognize the great diversity of America, we need to give voice to an array of ethnicities and backgrounds. For this series, we plan to create episodes that each focus on a specific person and delineate the subject’s thoughts on how to cultivate the change. Our ultimate vision for Profiling Race is to present a variety of psychologically rich perspectives and give a platform to individuals working towards a better society.


Episode 1: Mike Higgins

Our premier episode is focused on retired army chaplain Mike Higgins. An esteemed leader in various St. Louis communities, Mike is a humble but influential champion of a vision for equality. His vibrant history and reflections on racial identity form a compelling story about reconciliation.

Episode 2

We are raising funds on Kickstarter to continue this project. Once we receive the support, we will begin the process of finding the next subject for this episode.

Episode 3

This episode has not been produced yet. And, we do not wish this to be the last. We believe in the power of storytelling, and it's ability to inspire us to be better.

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